Homebuying Tips for the Single Buyer

“If you have a physical list and you communicate your desires with your Realtor, you won’t waste time looking at homes that are not meeting your needs,” adds Koller.”

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Sell Your Home Without Hiring a Professional Stager

“As Jerry Koller of International Home Realty in Irvine, California puts it, “If you’re staging your own home, you’ll have to live in a house that won’t feel like your own.””

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What You Should Know Before Buying a Home in California


The Road from Renting to Homeownership: Helping the First-Time Homebuyer

“Most people who buy are people who are looking to anchor and be part of a community and raise a family in that neighborhood,” says Jerry Koller, a broker with International Home Realty in Irvine, Calif. “If a client wants to buy, the Realtor should discuss their lifestyle and how they like to live.”

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Jerry Koller of International Home Realty Closes the Distance for International Real Estate Buyers

“International home realty specializes in helping home buyers and sellers in their native language. We also travel internationally to work with wealth advisors and realtors worldwide.”

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Jerry Koller, Founder of IHR, Talks About Breaking the Language Barrier

“As the world gets smaller, people from many cultures and countries are pouring into the greatest nation. We have agents that speak several of the most common languages to assist these people in their transactions.”

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